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Da Great and Mighty Muffin!!!


20 September
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Crazy life really....dreams of being oiled up on a mountain of BEE-YU-TEE-FULL women...and having them toss...little...pickles....ahem. Anyhoo...I'm a Multi-media student (gonna makes me some games and other assorted prezzies) life's been pretty interesting of late...getting my stuff together has been a most interesting experience...(hence the need to do journal writin...) and I do LUV a crowd....::shrug:: I am QUITE an affirmed music, art and media geek....and QUITE a fan of the otaku lifestyle...but...it's OK. I'm just living in a bit of a "Reverend Jim" daze in the intrim.

adobe, ambient, anais nin, anime, animism, archtypes, balance, banana nut muffins, blue bubble gum soda, blueberry smoothies, books, bowling, brazil, brian froud, bruce sterling, bubble tea, buddhism, caffeine, calligraphy, cartoons, cashmere, chinese astrology, cobalt blue, comics, compassion, computers, creative writing, cry for dawn, cultural anthropology, cyberpunk, dangerous angels, delerium, dorothy parker, dreaming, dreamweaver, electronica, erotica, evolution, flash, fractals, francesca lia block, freethinkers, games, garbage, geek girls, geeks, ginger, goth, graphic arts, haiku, hajime sorayama, hats, invader zim, japan, japanese vending machines, jolt, joseph campbell, jung, kaiju big battel, kitsune, knives, kodo, kubrick, lingustics, luchador, macromedia, magick, martial arts, masamune shirow, maya, megatokyo, mestizo, michael harner, michael manning, miranda sex garden, mixing, monty python, movies, mythology, noh drama, non-sequiturs, onyx, origami, passion, pez, photography, poison elves, pop culture, pop tarts, raven, rise of nations, rpgs, sex, shamanism, shameless flirting, shawscope, shiny things, silk, simpsons, sketching, suede, sushi, switchblade symphony, swords, symbolism, tai-chi, taoism, tarot, tattoos, thai iced tea, the good red road, the red road, thinkgeek, tori amos, toys, transformation, traveling, unbearable lightness of being, unreal tournament, video games, vision quests, walkabouts, web design, white russians, wit, wolves, wrestling, writing, xhtml, yatta